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Made in Slow is a spanish platform born from the need to preserve and restore heritage and traditional values which nowadays are in serious dificulties in maintaining their continuity. Made in Slow wants to be a vehicle to transmit knowledge of our culture, origin, people and products. A selection of products with value added and soul are put into the current market through an innovative approach.


Signicant part of our project is to ensure the transparency of the process, so it is given special importance to the traceability system. Direct monitoring of all phases of production, allows us to identify each raw material with its origin and transformation processes. Thus uniting tradition and technology present through QR codes.

Thus, the end users will be able to connect to producers, artisans and the heritage values their consumption helps to preserve.

Our great vision

Our objectives are to identify viable projects on traditional Spanish activities based on criteria of economic, social and environmental sustainability; disseminate our cultural diversity and economically affect the consumption of products at source for improvement, recovery and development of each activity on which a project is carried out.

About its founder

Alberto Díaz is the founder and director of Made in Slow and the person who champions the idea of recovering and recognizing the worth of traditional Spanish activities taking into account economic, social and environmental sustainability criteria to link these activities and the fashion industry.

Alberto was born in a family whose father, born in León, led a knitting factory and whose mother, born in La Mancha, took care of a flock of transhumant sheep during her childhood together with her family. He began his professional career recycling knitting cloths that were discarded both from his father’s factory and from those factories in the province of León with the aim of making kids clothing with them.

Thus he started his journey into the world of fashion, setting up his own factory, which experienced different stages. He started working for small stores and wholesalers producing t-shirts, trousers, sweatshirts and warm clothing to continue later producing clothing for Pull & Bear and several designer brands of El Corte Inglés.

In 1999, he decided to focus on the manufacturing of knitting clothes and he became an industrial designer with his own line of clothing, besides designing collections for Yera, Amitie, Esfera, Cortefiel, PdH, Custo Barcelona, Angel Schelesser and El Ganso, among others.

In 2008, due to the financial crisis, he was forced to close his factory but reinvented himself thanks to his knowledge, experience and acknowledgement of the quality of his work in the textile industry. Then, he decided to work as freelancer by developing knitting collections for several brands such as Desigual, Blanco, Emilio Tucci, Ecoalf y Lefties, among others, suported by different Spanish production centres.

Alberto Diaz, fundador y director de Made in Slow

In addition to being multitalented and a self-taught person, Alberto Díaz has an imaginative and creative spirit. After being trained as an actor in the School of Drama of León in the 1990s, he combines work and acting. He has taken part in different theatrical productions and short movies, he has written several plays and has founded his own amateur theatre company, “La Submarina”.

In 2012, he wrote and directed the short movie “Placeres Olvidados” for ‘La Somoza Bar Gastronómico’. From this experience, the idea of carrying out a film about the transhumance was born, which has given him a deep insight into the hard situation that this activity is going through at the moment. It is then, in 2014, when he founded Made in Slow, thus honouring his transhumant grandfather Gabino Díaz and with the belief that there is a different way to understand the world of fashion.


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