We present the different interpretations that each collaborator makes on our yarns created from our project “Transhumance by Made in Slow

With our yarns, selected by Ulises Mérida and the Spanish fashion design firm Angel Schlesser, we hand-made the designs of both firms for the FW/18 edition on the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Madrid catwalk.

In the spring of 2017 we began our collaboration with Anna Pujals, director of the Lana Serena firm, and Cristina Corres, designer. They choose our Cañada, Mastín and Chozo yarns for their designs that we manufacture by hand with our weaving cooperative. In the summer of that year they travel to León to meet one of the farmers with whom we developed our Transhumance by Made in Slow project and our weavers.

We share our experiences on the recovery of the wool of merino transhumants sheep. Along with Juan Manuel García Bartolomé, chief of area of the Division of Studies and Publications of the Department of Agriculture and Fishing, Feeding and Environment that presented the publishing and documentary production of the Department about the wool and the transhumance. And he projected the documentaries “Cattle sheep” (1927) and “Wool of Spain” (1943), they had recovered and digitized of the ministerial files. And Manuel Rodríguez Pascual, Dr. Veterinario and investigator of the Transhumance we enjoy a detailed dissertation on “The merino and the wool in Spain and its diffusion to the Antipodes”.
 Across Las Hidalgas, mark created for the commercialization of the products of Transhumance by Made in Slow, we realize a workshop of knitting for children with the collaboration of Eva Castro and we present to them with Pablo Je The nomadic sheep inspired by its tale “The sheep bleats”.

We produce to hand with our yarns, the knitwear of “The IOU Project” for your international collection Fall-Winter 16

With our yarns “Transhumance by Made in Slow” and Katia Nomada knitwear for AUTUMN¨WINTER 16/17 “Âme” collection of designer Maria Lafuente were developed.

We developed together with Katia through “Transhumance by Made in Slow“, Nomada Lanas km 0, made in Spain and from merino sheep transhumance.

Miriam Ponsa done with our matter “Mesta” some of his designs “Dones Aviators” collection.

With our yarns “Transhumance by Made in Slow we have made knitted garments for collection Feel 2015 by designer María Lafuente.

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