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The radiance of the memory, an eternal return


Rumours have faded, colour turned into silence.


Nights are now so wide that there is plenty of time to remember.

There is also time to dream.


What will our children’eyes gaze across the frost of the abandoned

fields? The sound and light that previously inhabited the steep banks escape

now as a trail of ashes.


There are no longer any old or young shepherds. The whole herd of men wanders

around the ways. Eyes and hearts live pushed apart.


Although paths and trails are getting blind, the direction that points

to the eternal return still remains. It is time for visionaries and poets.


They maintain the old radience of the memory, which recreates the world.



           Author: Ángel Fierro, excerpted from the book: Trashumancia. Paisajes, vivencias y sensaciones.

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