Transhumance by Made in Slow

Transhumance in Spain is the transferring or moving of sheep by their shepherds from summer to winter pastures, and viceversa. Provoked by the search of the best grasslands and marked by the strong seasonal differences of the Iberian Peninsula. This activity was regulated as long ago as the thirteenth century by King Alphonso X the Wise, who created a sheep-owners’ guild called the Mesta. It continues down to the present day, keeping alive a unique cultural heritage.

The transhumance favors the maintenance of ecosystems of big importance and a multidisciplinary only patrimony. We present to you part of all this wealth and thanks to your support, want to obtain its recovery of a sustainable way and have repercussions on its protagonists.

The shepherd
The meek-Guides of the herd
The herd through the forest
The path
Hut for the shepherd on the path
The pastures
Sheepfold and hut in the mountains
Raw material
Hierro para marcar el sello de cada ganadería apoyado sobre la nieve
Iron to mark
Wool washed and combed to make the different yarns

Photography: Fernando Fernández and Made in Slow

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