The Vizana: stone carpet from Babia to Béjar

Pastures and mountains are linked together through 600 Km of folklore, cuisine and life lessons engendered by the transhumance.
90 varas* of width shaped the cañada* well trod by shepherds and merino sheep, preserving the ancient route that the Romans, raising their eyes towards the vía láctea, coined as the Ruta de la Plata hundreds of years ago.
Three cañadas* are the transhumant routes for droving livestock that belong to the Kingdom of León: the Vizana, the Cañada* Real Leonesa Oriental and the Cañada Real Leonesa Occidental.
*A vara (meaning “rod” or “pole”) is an old Spanish unit of lenght (0.835905 m), the most used being the vara castellana or vara de Burgos.
* Cañadas were traditional routes in the transhumance and regulated by Alfonso X in 1273.

Yarn Vizana
Jersey made with Vizana
Yarn Vizana

Yarn made with 100% transhumant merino wool. Fall / Winter 2015-16

-Knitwear made by Made in Slow to show yarn-

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